Tips for Young Actors

Hey gang.

You may have heard about @DumbStarbucks, the parody store in Los Feliz, LA. The store was an accurate Starbucks from the flavors down to the CDs, with one difference:

Everything said “Dumb” on it.


Of course, Dumb Starbucks did one thing right. They launched going into a weekend (to avoid real Starbucks’s angry lawyers). They gave away coffee for free (to avoid any lawsuits).

And they were a parody created by Comedian Nathan Fielder.

Yup, Abso Lutely productions (who also does Tim and Eric) staged the whole thing for Comedy Central.


It’s a shame – the street could’ve really used a Starbucks, even a dumb one.

But what can we learn from this event? One, that a silly idea can get really, really big. The Dumb Starbucks idea combined things everyone cares about: free speech, coffee, comedy (is ‘dumb’ funny?), art, and big corporations.

Second, that people will stay in line for an hour if the event  is timely. Everyone YAC spoke to doubted Dumb Starbucks would last the week. (Although we overestimated it; the prevailing opinion on Sunday was that it’d be be shut down by Friday. It was closed within 20 hours).  Think about breaking the mold. Make your audition a spectator event.  Stage 20 short plays instead of one long one. Do what nobody else is doing.

The only exception? Signing up for Young Actor’s Camp. Everyone’s doing that. :)


Comments on: "Dumb Starbucks, Smart YAC" (1)

  1. It definitely got more attention in that 20 hours than a regular Starbucks would have in 20 years.

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