Tips for Young Actors

6. Kamp Krusty, The Simpsons

Kamp Krusty's Arts and Crafts center

Hail to thee, Kamp Krusty, by the shores of Big Snake Lake! Unfortunately, this camp (Kamp?) didn’t actually feature Krusty, but featured his friend, -Mister Black.- -Mister Black- sure that all campers would enjoy their activities, such as making wallets. The campers rebelled, they and took over. On the plus side, the camp’s owner acknowledged his mistake and took everyone to fabulous Tijuana.
For an extended version of the camp’s theme song, click below:

5.Camp Hope, Heavyweights
Heavyweights Camp Picture
Camp Hope is a weight-loss camp. But Camp hope has a secret; it doesn’t work all that well. Although there’s fun diet and exercise, the tendency of children to sneak in unhealthy treats makes the efforts meaningless. It gets worse when Tony Perkins (clearly actor Ben Stiller) takes over, treating kids with true cruelty, including twenty mile runs and severe 90’s-style disses. On the plus side, he tapes everything, giving Hopers an introduction to on-camera presentation.

4.Camp Chippewa, Adams Family Values
To be fair, this camp was bad because of the campers. Unlike YAC’s world-class youth, Camp Chippewa had to deal with Puggley and Morticia, two of the most dangerous children on the planet. Morticia demonstrates extreme negligence in waterfront activities (almost letting her partner drown). Puggsley attempts a carjacking. The school play is also not up to YAC’s full film/sitcom standards: who would ever want to see “A Turkey Named Brotherhood?”
A Turkey Called Brotherhood.

3. Camp Nowhere
The titular Camp Nowhere seems to have everything going for it: computer technology, weight loss, military training…but just like the college in Accepted, it’s a big old fraud. On the plus side, this camp is hosted by Christopher Lloyd, aka Doc Brown from Back to the Future. On the minus side, it doesn’t have Lewis Black ranting next to a Skate Park. And we have to give them credit…The summer camp was run at a profit for roughly a G.

On the other hand, a camp called Camp Nowhere sounds like the start of an Abbot and Costello routine, doesn’t it?

2. Camp Crystal Lake, Friday the 13th
Obvious reasons.

Camp Crystal Lake

1.Kamp Kikakee, Ernest Goes to Camp
One of the few camps to intentionally misspell camp (see also Camp Krusty, above), this one we’re 50/50 on. It would be fun to see the antics of Ernest Borgnine (one of the funniest counselors of anything, ever). On the minus side, the camp is imperiled and sits on a huge supply of Petrocite. Some may argue that Ernest is a criminal, but they’re wrong. He didn’t go to prison until 1990, and he wasn’t convicted of anything; it was a Shakespeare-style wrong place, wrong time scenario.

Earnst Goes to Prison.

Did we miss a camp? Want to talk about Anawanna? Sound off in the comments below or send us a line at @YoungActorsCamp!


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