Tips for Young Actors

So – what is Pilot Season?

First, a “television pilot” (also known as a “pilot”, “pilot episode”, and “series premiere”) is an inception episode of a television series. At the time of its inception, the pilot is meant to be the “testing ground” to see if a series will be possibly desired and successful and therefore a test episode of an intended television series. It is an early step in the development of a television series. This early work is when casting is given the green light to use more unknowns / new talent than any other time of year.

“Pilot Season” in Los Angeles has been traditionally known as very specific months of casting for these pilots, February through April.

Young Actors Camp is in our 8th year of housing young actors for a two month stay, February 15th – April 15th so that they can pursue work and train in the Los Angeles area full time.

What are the living conditions?

Young Actors Camp has secured three apartments on the Oakwood’s- Toluca Lake site, a complex that houses thousands of child actors and their parents/nannies from all over the world. Each apartment will have a nanny in one room and three kids in another. The apartment complex is GORGEOUS! It has tennis courts, swimming pools/spas, gyms, and even a store. It’s more like a resort.

Who chooses the Nanny and what are her responsibilities?

Even though the Nanny is interviewed by the Directors of the Young Actors Camp, the parents will be given the same applications that we am provided. We will discuss the interviews with parents and explain why I feel one applicant over the others is better suited for the job. The Nanny is responsible for getting their kids to/from acting classes and auditions, and of course for the overall care of each child.

What is the responsibility of the child?

The children will be responsible for cleaning, maintaining school work to the highest standards and keeping proactive in the submitting themselves for auditions under the guidance of YAC. Each apartment will have a schedule board so their classes and auditions are marked for transportation. Each apartment will have a schedule for cleaning.

What about school?

The Oakwood Apartments has a school on the site. The kids walk to the next building. This situation is more like a tutor helping with homework. Based on the arrangements with the home school, homework maybe collected from the school by parents and sent to your child or they may assign all work before the child departs for California. The tutors are state licensed teachers capable of helping with the most difficult assignments. This is the same situation you will find on a studio set. The truth is, if your child has problems keeping their grades up at their home school this may not be the best move. On the other hand, this dream situation makes great leverage for better grades or they go home- your call. The Nanny will not be asked to get these teens off to school on time or check on completed assignments. They must be at least that responsible to participate in this program.

The Costs

The costs are all living expenses split between 3 families. The average in the last few years has been about $6500 for two months. (Nanny salary, apartment rental, tutoring service, and incidentals). This does not include acting classes, fun or food (food is purchased as a group weekly)


Then why do we do it? This is what sets Young Actors Camp apart from any other acting camp in the world. We’ve provided an excellent summer training program, presented industry professionals to our young actors for inspirational discussions and then we send the actor back home with no possible way to purse the Los Angeles industry- not the case. Though the BEST situation is that a young actor is here with tier parent and NOT a Nanny, this is not always possible when the parent has a job or other children to care for. Young Actors Camp is committed to helping our young actors pursue their dreams to the furthest extent possible.

REQUIREMENTS TO PARTICIPATE: The actor must be between the ages of 12 to 18, have above average grades and have participated in a residential YAC program within the last two years. There are NO EXCEPTIONS to these requirements.

How do I secure my child’s place in the two month stay program?

Email our office immediately so we may note who is expressing interest. Just reply to this email. A $1500 deposit will be accpeted on a first pay / first secured in apartment basis. Small payments after your initial deposit can be made up to November 30th. EASY refunds are offered to November 30th. After November 30th NO REFUNDS are available.

For more information go onto the Young Actors Camp Temporary move link here,

To apply for Young Actors Camp 2012 summer programs in preparation for our Pilot Season stay 2013, open the application with special pricing here, Please note that all three week and longer programs will begin a waiting list this week.