Tips for Young Actors

Hey Young Actors!

Just a quick note to let you know that if you haven’t already done so, you must get your applications in for camp immediately!

We’ll be announcing the Hollywood celebrity guests visiting YAC very soon and once we do, EVERY space will fill up right away.

These big-time stars will be coming to us from Disney, Nickelodeon and from many of your favorite TV shows and movies. It’s going to be a fantastic experience that you don’t want to miss!

So if you’re wondering how to spend your summer and you’re dreaming of succeeding on the silver screen, get your applications in to Young Actors Camp today!

There’s no other place on Earth where you can spend time with your favorite celebs learning the inside scoop of the Hollywood film and television acting industries. YAC will get you into places that no other organization can – the field trips to studios and sets are going to be awesome.

Get your applications in and while you’re doing so, let your parents know that YAC has a fantastic Parent Camp, too – and this year, it’s hosted by former child star, Joey Lawrence! We’re very excited about this at YAC.

During this two-day weekend event, Joey will introduce current and former child stars who will recount their path to success and the tribulations they faced in Hollywood’s film and television industries. Parents and siblings of child stars will also discuss how the pursuit of one family member’s dream affects the entire family unit.

Additionally, important logistical details for a successful child film career will be covered, including relocation tips, tax and legal advice and how to pursue local film work and acting training – the weekend will be packed full of really useful information that parent’s will be very thankful to have.

A guest panel, comprised of film agents and managers for child actors and casting directors from hit TV family shows, will also provide valuable advice on how to navigate your way through the film and television industry with confidence.

This is a very unique experience that the whole family will benefit from. So don’t forget to tell you parents about Parent Camp!

Young actors – get your applications in before the celebrity guests are announced and camp sells out!


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